The Holy Seed

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The Holy Seed
by Gjergj Delia

The Holy Seed is a work of passion and conviction. Author Gjergj Delia explores the Bible in a new way, uncovering hidden meaning in Scripture that leads him to a new interpretation of his faith. Through detailed readings of religious texts, personal beliefs, and dream analysis, Delia takes the reader on a journey that raises questions and proposes answers to the oldest, most debated topics in religious history.

Delia also offers present-day applications for his beliefs, including a plan for peace in the Middle East. If you share his interest in the study and debate of religion, The Holy Seed will provide new ideas and a new perspective for you to consider.

When the God of Israel reveals himself, so does the meaning of life!
In Him I found my light of life,
In Him I found my everlasting home,
In Him I found that I could see,
In Him I found his son to be.

Like a faithful wife, so is he who discovers the meaning of life!

The greatest treasure that the Israelites will ever have is the God of Jacob!

When I suddenly bring Him back, may He find in your hearts the temple of His character!

God will save humanity from self-ruin; if He foresaw it not, then Adam wouldve died childless.

(2011, paperback, 156 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review