The Healer's Journey

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The Healer's Journey
Channeled by Patrizia Trani

The stories contained within this book carry a vibration

This Vibration carries the healing energy of God

By reading you are encoding a light frequency, which will expand your consciousness, connect to your spirit, and begin the subtle breakdown of blocks and patterns within your Self.

These scripted Divine Healings are a revolutionary from of healing designed to heal the individual and the masses. We are, in truth, all connected. And so within its design, it will naturally resonate and begin to heal You.

In service to God and Chris Consciousness, we present this to You

About the Author

Patrizia Trani was born and raised in Australia where she also developed her ability as a "healer." She founded Enchanting Angels Healing and Learning Centre in Melbourne in 2005 where her life-changing journey as a healer began

(2012, hardback, 186 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review