The Haunting of the Beauregard Hotel

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The Haunting of the Beauregard Hotel

By: Haley Golaszewski


About the Book


Twenty-one year-old Charlotte Beauregard is home from college for the summer to work the front desk at the old hotel her father recently purchased. Suddenly, employees begin quitting, citing strange sights and sounds on the premises. Charlotte and her father struggle to keep the business afloat.


                When her father departs on a business trip, leaving Charlotte to run the hotel alone, two new guests arrive. Together, they search the recesses of the mysterious hotel. Soon, a new realm is opened to Charlotte. Her courage and resolve are put to the test, while she discovers unexpected love along the way.


Filled with suspense, humor, and memorable characters, The Haunting of the Beauregard Hotel will entertain fans of mysteries, horror, and romance alike.


About the Author


Haley Golaszewski is a preschool teacher and an avid writer and fan of horror stories. When not working or writing, you can probably find her playing with her dog, Roscoe, or out grabbing a cup of coffee before curling up to watch a good movie or read a book. She wrote The Haunting of the Beauregard Hotel to give readers a memorable story about an independent woman who shows strength without sacrificing her femininity.



(2019, paperback, 152 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review