The Girl in the Mirror: Book 1

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The Girl in the Mirror: Book 1

By:  P. Costa


From the time she was born, April endured a hard life that included abuse by a father who never wanted her, and by friends of her older siblings who took advantage of her vulnerability. Just a few years into her young life, her two younger brothers, in an effort to free her of a life of misery, put her on a bus destined for California, and to an aunt who didn’t exist. Exciting adventures and experiences soon occupy April’s trip across the country as she begins bonding with strangers who show her the true meaning of compassion, kindness, and love. Join April as she learns to overcome hardships, realize that she is worthy of love, and appreciate that God’s love is everywhere. 


(2021, paperback, 138 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review