The Giant's Journey

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The Giant’s Journey

By: Erik Kiessling


About the Book

Enrique has all of the typical college student problems. Grades, his part-time job, an obnoxious roommate, the fact that he’s really a 400-year-old fae named Burgone who's destined to either save the world or die trying. Typical stuff. Add that to the fact that he's stumbled into a forbidden romance with a rival clan of fae and the top general of the kingdom either wants him by his side or six feet under. Plus there's a dragon and some unicorns (because there always have to be dragons and unicorns). All he has going for him is some advice from an elderly couple, a talking dinosaur, and a couple decades of action movies for guidance. Okay, maybe it's not so typical.


About the Author

Erik Kiessling is obsessed with paleontology, archaeology, mythology, and a bunch of other “ologies” worth mentioning (but space is limited). He lives in Maryland with his prize collection of books, travel souvenirs, video games, and ‘80s movies.


(2020, Paperback, 436 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review