The Fugitive from Nuremberg - eBook

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The Fugitive from Nuremberg

By: Firmin Maertens and Vivian (Maertens) Langohr


About the Book

In 1939, Germany invaded Belgium, forcing their surrender in three days. A young Belgium soldier, Jean Stassard captured during the invasion is sent to a POW camp in Nuremburg, Germany. This book chronicles his captivity, escape and daring attempt to return home.

Home sick and malnourished, devises a simple but dangerous escape plan. Simple because of his assigned prisoner duties yet dangerous since he must make his way alone and undiscovered through Germany and occupied Belgium to reach home. Travelling west by train, and stolen automobile through narrow snow-covered roads in the frigid German winter he is pursued by a relentless German officer. A chance encounter with a German girl traveling to Belgium to visit her soldier brother serving with the occupation forces leads to an unexpected bond. They agree to travel together sharing meals and stories. As they talk at length, he begins to gain her trust and slowly takes her into his confidence. Carelessly he accepts her invitation to spend the night at a relative in Manheim not knowing if his developing trust will end his freedom. Fugitive from Nuremburg is a fast-paced story that is sure to capture reader’s attention and shock them with an unexpected ending.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review