The Dragons' Duel: A Kaemouri Legend - eBook

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The Dragons' Duel: A Kaemouri Legend - eBook

The Dragons’ Duel: A Kaemouri Legend

By: Johnathon Daugherty


About the Book

The Dragons’ Duel follows the story of siblings Kayah and Sakuris Kaemouri, who were orphaned at childhood when their hometown was destroyed in an event known as the “Great Destruction.” Growing up in a war-torn Japan, they must now learn to cope with things such as growing up, falling in love, confronting the past, and protecting their future.


About the Author

New to the publishing game, Johnathon Daugherty started out as a hobby writer who is now seeking to make a career of said hobby. Born in 1986, he started writing at a young age and has since matured as an author. Currently, he resides in North Carolina.


(2021, eBook)