The Dissenter

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The Dissenter

By: Nicholas M. Regan


About the Book


The Dissenter follows the story about a person’s warm, fun, and peaceful life that has been unexpectedly turned upside down by greed, ruthlessness, and corruption. Following what may seem to be like a pirate’s tale, this story shows what happens when someone is tasked to be a champion for justice. A pirate captain, similar to that of Robin Hood, has his oppressed and downtrodden life turn upside down, along with the other members of his crew. Discovering others whose lives have been ruined by malicious people, a crew soon becomes a family.


About the Author


Nicholas M. Regan is the author of seven other novels. He is a retired staff-sergeant of the United States Air Force. Regan is an ordained priest and a volunteer at Genesee Country Village and Museum.


(2021, paperback, 690 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review