The Dinkadunk Tree and Me - eBook

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The Dinkadunk Tree and Me

By: Nancy Carroll Meyers

About the Book

Sometimes it’s hard to resist temptation! In The Dinkadunk Tree and Me, the main character has been warned by his mother not to eat the fruit of the Dinkadunk Tree, but when his friends start munching away, he finds it hard to say no! Will he be able to heed his mother’s warning and stay away from the Dinkadunk Tree?

                                Peer pressure and feeling good about yourself are what’s most important when making the right decisions. Although it’s sometimes difficult, making the right decision and going with your gut instinct is the best thing to do.



About the Author

Nancy Carroll Meyers lives in Lakewood, Illinois, with her husband Danny, her two kids Will and Lyla, and her dog Bubbles. She went to Eastern Illinois University to be an elementary schoolteacher, but life led her in a different direction. She has four older brothers and two older sisters, and their names are all in this book. She is the owner of Happy Hour Yoga, a yoga and pilates studio in Crystal Lake, Illionis.


                In her free time, Nancy loves hanging out with her kids and watching them play sports, and she also enjoys boating in the summer.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review