The Creation

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The Creation
by T.S. Hue Van Le

All scientists and physicists around the world still depend upon the old and obsolete quantum theory of photons created by Albert Einstein and other physicists for a long time ago; light is the most vital source of energy to support life and prosperity of all nature in the whole Universe required to be correctly understood and applicable in modem physics. Photons do not have anything to do with mass in motion either as Albert Einsteins theory of mass in motion. The tiny piece of matter split from proton to proton, extreme collision, is not God's particle; it is a dark matter that does not have atomic or subatomic particularity.

The Dark Energy solely brings supernatural science and physical science together with a unique goal of finding the truth (God) that scientists and physicists hesitate to do so. It discovers the new technique applicable to figure out the true value of the relativity of mass in linear motion and in angular motion applicable in any space without limitation set forth by Einstein. We also find out the new quantum theory of photons that could create the major changes in modern physics regarding photon effects and energy field in the future.

About the Author:

T. S. Hue Van Le is Vietnamese and was born late in the 1930s in a remote countryside far away from the capital of Saigon, South Vietnam. He had a fellowship for a Ph.D. but did not have time to finish it because he had to get a job to make money to rescue his family (his wife and their son), who were left behind in Vietnam under cruel Communist regime. He took the job at the Southern Company as an electrical engineer, and shortly after approximately one year he was sent to the Nuclear Support Department in early 1978.

Other than writing, Van Le also enjoys fishing.

(2017, Paperback, 180 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review