The Core: Genesis - eBook

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The Core: Genesis

By: Javonte Bostick


About the Book

In this thrilling adventure, three young men with extraordinary powers must rise against crime as it appears all over their cities. With most of the attacks occurring in Sapphire City, the home of the medical monopoly CORE labs, these men known as “The Hero Trinity” seem to have an unstoppable force heading their way. After the schemes of two nefarious villains leave a trail of blood straight to the CORE, soon they discover that solving small crimes won't save the world. They have to face things they never faced before, people who have gifts like them but use it in the most despicable ways. From vigilantes to full-fledged heroes, who’s ready for the rise of a legacy? 

About the Author

Javonte Bostick has always had a passion for the arts, such as music and writing. He is heavily into anime and comics, which has become a big inspiration for his work. During his free time, Bostick likes to spend time with his family, cherishing their unconditional love.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review