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The Continuum Dealer: The Brethren

By: Robert Colling

About the Book

The second installment in The Continuum Dealer series kicks off with a greater intensity in Ethan’s romantic relationships: Anna is pregnant and Ethan is fighting a gladiator-style match to undo Lee’s slave status. The action and intrigue only increase from there, as the shadow group The Brethren increases its effort to eliminate The Continuum Dealer by any means possible.

                As Ethan continues his mission to bring people their true names, he visits places he’s never seen before, including the restricted Clone Island. True to the gripping pace of the first installment Beginnings, The Continuum Dealer: The Brethren is an electrifying adventure that readers will find hard to put down.


About the Author

Robert Colling is married with children and a lover of all movies. He has an MBA and is a tax professional.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review