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The Code of the Universe

by W.F. Ratigan

It was clear from the start that Arthur’s stepmother did not care for him, but with the love of his father, Peter, and his older brother, Samuel, he grew up healthy, happy and, he thought, normal. Then his family learns of their hidden connection to an ancient alien race and civilization… and their place among them.


The Code of the Universe follows Peter, Samuel, and finally Arthur as they absorb their true origins and heritage, taking their place within the secretive society of Sumeria—hidden away on Earth, separate from humanity, for millennia. Arthur eventually takes over for Samuel as Duke and blazes his own trail of exploration and betterment of societies with abilities that no Sumerian has demonstrated before. He carries his Code of the Universe out into the cosmos. He finds love and heartache. Arthur thrives in his own unique way and helps others do the same.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review