The Chronicles and Excerpts of Divine Wisdom and Food for Thought

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The Chronicles and Excerpts of Divine Wisdom and Food for Thought
by Ron P.S.M. Magnum

The Chronicles and Excerpts of Divine Wisdom and Food for Thought is a book of thoughtful and thought-provoking sayings and adages inspired by the authors life experiences.

- Sometimes when you move too fast, you forget where you are going. If you just slow down, you will know where you are and where you want to be.
- Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow and pain; on the contrary, it only saps today of its joy and pleasure.
- The secret to getting ahead in the game of life is to take that first step because it is a leap of faith.
- The true essence and beauty of life dwells far beyond the physical realm and the human eye.
- Worry always looks around, sorry always looks back, but true faith looks forward and ahead.

About the Author

Ron Magnum has been an active professional athlete and a certified master instructor and diet center consultant since 1991. He is still going at it! He also went to school to become a mechanical inspector for United Technology Corporation (Pratt & Whitney Aircraft) in North Haven, Connecticut, in 1978 - 1987. Ron also took a course in Architectural Design and Drafting in 1975 and went to school to become a mixoligist in 1989. Ron also attended real estate school in 1983.

His professional life started in 1980 in professional Natural Bodybuilding in Las Vegas, NV, at the Pro-Natural Mr. America at the Old Dunes Hotel and Casino, which no longer exists. In 1979 he competed and won the overall Amateur Natural Mr. America in Los Angeles. He became a professional arm wrestler (in the early eighties), was undefeated in the Monster Arm Wrestling Association, and also became a professional wrestler in 1987 - 1988) for the New England Wrestling Association.

(2011, paperback, 36 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review