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The Caretakers

By: Jeannie Grace

About the Book

A devastating plane crash brings three teens together to form a deep, enduring friendship. The teens share a medical condition and a secret that will accompany them across time and space. Given the help of a very strange man and a talisman, they now have the ability to travel across time, witnessing acts of cruelty and kindness that have the power to change not only The Caretakers, themselves, but the future of the world!

About the Author

Jeannie was a devoted educator in New York City for twenty-seven years. Given her lifelong love of telling stories, she knew she would someday write a book for children. The Caretakers is that book. With the support of her family, this project has been a labor of love. Today Jeannie lives near Niagara Falls with her two dogs and four cats.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review