The Canvas and the Expressions (PB)

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The Canvas and the Expressions

By: Yaqub Amani


About the Book

We all ask questions about life, death, and the drama of living in a complex universe. The Canvas and The Expressions takes the reader on a journey of mind and soul, pointing to an integrated consciousness and the soul evolution through many states. It examines our being's inner and outer dimensions, shrouded in a paradox, and directs the attention to observing, perceiving, and witnessing. The hope is that the reader realizes that although the scattered experiences of reality are uniquely the writer's, they should map a path for their own journey. It is unique because it is not an imposed dogma but a canvas on which the reader's mind draws perceived impressions. It is about the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of states we experience by observing and perceiving realities.


About the Author

Yaqub Amani has a Ph.D. in physics and taught physics and engineering for more than forty years. He is married with two children, and he loves to read science, philosophy, and literature and listen to rich music. A walk in the wilderness is what uplifts him and inspires him. He believes in a spiritual universe and meditates on the mysteries of creation.


(2021, Paperback, 36 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review