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The Bottom of the Ocean

By Adaire Newby 

The Bottom of the Ocean is a memoir chronicling the trauma and hardships Adaire Newby faced during her childhood and young adult life. When her father abruptly leaves to be with another woman, Newby’s family is thrown into a state of turmoil. Without the love and guidance desperately needed from her parents, young Newby becomes pregnant at 17. Throughout the births of her three children, Newby loves men who never give her love back, who abuse her time and time again. It is not until the author comes back to God and her faith that she recognizes and begins to demand the love and care she truly deserves. 

About the Author

Adaire Newby has a strong Christian faith and is greatly involved in her church. Newby is married with three children and six grandchildren. 

(2022, paperback, 34 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review