The Blameless Body Routine

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The Blameless Body Routine

By: Rick Delarosa B.A.C.S.C.S.


About the Book

The Blameless Body Routine is your guide to living a God-centered, healthy lifestyle!

Blending faith and fitness into a daily routine, the Blamelessbody Routine provides instruction on how to exercise faith in spirit, soul, and body,

all leading to God as the source. Included within, you will also find Bible-inspired food sources, profiles, and recipes to help you get started.


About the Author

Rick Delarosa B.A.C.S.C.S. graduated from Cleveland State University in 1991 with a

bachelor’s degree in Sports Physiology, specializing in increasing human performance

and injury care and prevention. He always tries to “love thy neighbor” by helping those

who live on his street and in his community. He has a special interest in helping senior

citizens stay safe and functional in their homes, including his mother!

Delarosa enjoys watching and playing various sports and outdoor activities as weather



(2023, paperback, 84 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review