The Big Payback

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The Big Payback
by T.J. Denton

T.J. Denton's The Big Payback is a unique chronicle of the success achieved by an honest man who faithfully served his country during wartime, saving lives in the process. Thomas Dugnal, a former Marine, is a father of four with lovely wife, Beverly, whom he adores. Through hard work and diligence over the years, Thomas and Beverly have built several successful businesses, including T&B Fitness Center.

Finally, after all their years of living right and working hard, they were just about to take their fitness business national, but one night - one mistake - and, in the blink of an eye, it all changed. They lost everything...their whole world was turned upside down and their family in danger.

Thomas masterminds a plan to take back what is his and, with the support of his trusted company of former Marines, goes on an intense, complicated mission. This is when the adrenaline flows as they place this dangerous plot into action. You won't believe how this all plays out...

About the Author: T.J. Denton was born and raised in the Midwest during the time when the United States was fully involved in the Vietnam War. As a youngster, he enjoyed hunting tadpoles, frogs, etc. and riding go carts and mini-bikes.

It was also a time of the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation in schools. He played football from junior high to serving in the Marine Corps overseas. Upon his return he went into law enforcement, rising to the rank of sergeant. He also coached youth football in the inner city and started after school tutorial programs.

(2015, Paperback, 244 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review