The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds

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The Best of Both Worlds
by Aphrodite Mirisis with illustrations by George Mirisis

The Best of Both Worlds is designed to be an ebullient celebration of heritage and the concept that one can be from more than one place and love more than one place.

As a first-generation American, born into a Greek family, the author shares with us the many things she loves about both Greece and America. Her story is a celebration of cultures, as she tells us the similarities and differences between the two, examining subjects such as holidays, songs, and general family life.

The Best of Both Worlds shows us it is perfectly acceptable to love and feel loyal to two different places and that it is, in fact, a great blessing to have that kind of relationship with both of them.

About the Author

A teachers aide, formerly at the St. Nicholas/William Spyropoulos Greek-American Day School and presently at the Holy Cross Greek-American Day School, Aphrodite Mirisis was inspired to write this book to inform first-generation American children that their love of their heritage helps strengthen their morale and self-confidence.

Mrs. Mirisis is married to John, and together they share two children: Anastasios and George. She is a member of the Benevolent Society Vavilousion and a Boy Scouts Troop 18 College Point committee member, and she is also the assistant editor of Malba News & Views, her communitys newsletter. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, photography, and working with children to perform for fundraising activities.

(2009, saddlewire, 22 pages)