The Arabella Redemption - Audiobook

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The Arabella Redemption

By: Diane Hagan


About the Book

This is the evolution of a woman lost in her own life. She rediscovers the world through the eyes of an annoying child who will not go away. This story is about the impossible made possible by a touch of the divine magic that reflects a love so great; it pokes a hole through time itself

About the Author

Diane Hagan is an only child raised in the backwater area of Maryland on the Chesapeake bay. Attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Hagan owns and operates Upton Studios LLC, an historic lighting conservation company. She lives with her husband and pets in the deep woods of Southern New Jersey


(2023, audiobook, 2:51:00)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review