The Angry Dirt - eBook

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The Angry Dirt

By: Leticia Saucedo Gaona


About the Book

When we let someone anger us and don’t forgive, then our anger grows slowly like cancer and we begin to see more specks on others. This cancer grows until we become so miserable that we can’t see all the blessings around us.

When we forgive and practice the fruits of the Spirit, then we are free of this cancerous anger, and this is how the story was born.


About the Author

Leticia Saucedo Gaona is a church teacher who teaches children God’s word through their levels, writing her own stories according to the teachings, designing her own illustrations. She is also a ventriloquist, using many different puppets to teach and bring cheer to children, as well as people who are grown to old age. She is a storyteller at heart.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review