The Adventures of Goliath, Misty, and Captain - eBook

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The Adventures of Goliath, Misty, and Captain

By: John Wesley


About the Book

On Christmas Eve, John and his family, Goliath the pit bull, Misty the terrier/min-pin mix, and Captain the Sun Conure, take a magical journey to a wonderful place where beauty is unsurpassed. Along a flawless, flowered path, they meet many marvelous friends—one for every letter of the alphabet!—each leading them closer to a very special surprise.

What waits at the end?


About the Author

John Wesley volunteers at the local elementary school, reading Bible stories and Indian legends and bringing his real-life pets, Goliath, Misty, and Captain, to the children. (Around there, he’s affectionately known as the “Birdman.”) Semi-retired, Wesley also works part-time in the food service industry.

A widower, his beloved wife Mary Ann passed away in 2009; they were married for 22 years. In spite of any trials he’s faced throughout his lifetime, Wesley believes he has been truly blessed by the Lord.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review