Thaddeus Frog's Grand Adventure - eBook

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Thaddeus Frog's Grand Adventure 

By: Woodrow Griffith


About the Book

After a long, hard winter, spring has arrived, and Thaddeus Frog decides to strike out and see where the day takes him. He prepares a nice picnic lunch for himself and hops out the door to enjoy the fresh air, flowers, and any friends he may meet along the way. What surprises await Thaddeus as he ventures forward? Well, anything could happen.

About the Author

Woodrow Griffith helps out at the local animal shelter. He and his wife are members of the society for creative anachronism, an educational organization that learns about history by recreating it. He’s been married to the same lovely woman for forty-two years. They have two artistically talented offspring. His daughter created the artwork for this book.


(2023, ebook, 30 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review