Teddy: Picture Me Perfect - ebook

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By: Willie Lee Fisher III


About the Book

When Teddy, a man who came from nothing but made a good life for himself, finds himself the victim of a frame job at the hands of his old associates, he’s surprised to learn that they have a hand in his release from prison some 15 years later.

            Now, he’s free to return to his family—a wife and kids he loves so dearly. But prison life has altered his reality, and the voices have taken over. When he’s lost touch of the man he once was, who can be trusted? Can he even trust himself?


About the Author

Willie Lee Fisher III works in adult corrections. He enjoys blues and jazz music, working out, and writing poetry and short stories. He is happily married with six kids, who he adores more than anything in the world.


(2022, ebook, 76 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review