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by Terri Kerr The twelve students who started first grade together in the tiny town of Pickley, Indiana, know they have a tough road ahead of them. Getting out of Pickley seems an impossible dream for most as they struggle against poverty, family issues, and their own sense of self-worth. But no one could have foreseen the terrible tragedy that would befall themtwiceand the way this small group of kids would be bound together. The narrator, Sue, portrays each of her classmates in intimate detail, from confident and attractive Dan to mentally disturbed Tallie. As the years unfold from their first days in elementary school to their experiences in high school, the stage is set for a shocking development. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Terri Kerr is a registered nurse and lives in South-western Indiana. Terri resides in the country with her husband, and they share three grown children. Mrs. Kerr enjoys writing, reading, traveling, playing with her dogs and spending weekends at their lake house. Writing has quickly become her passion, and she has begun writing her second book. Letting her imagination flow to the keys of her computer has become one of her greatest joys. (2008, paperback, 236 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review