Tales of King Arthur and His Knights

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Tales of King Arthur and His Knights
by Jacob Bloom

Learn the origins of King Arthur and his knights, Gawain and Lancelot, as they learn to do the right thingno matter the odds. Featuring three short stories in one, Tales of King Arthur and His Knights tells the legends of King Arthur as he takes charge over the knights and lords of Camelot; Gawain as he faces his own father and persuades him not to start a war; and Lancelot as he overcomes his fear of battle.

About the Author:

Jacob Bloom is a man of many interests, ranging from dance, which is an important part of his life, to storytelling and woodworking. He leads contra, square dances, and klezmer dance, has taught Morris dance, and researches and teaches dances of the American colonial and early Federal periods. He is always eager to learn new styles of dance. Some of the dances hes choreographedboth contra and Morris dances have been published. As a storyteller, he enjoys telling traditional Jewish tales and stories that seem almost real. As a woodworker, he enjoys building furniture and repairing sundry articles.

Before any of his special interests, Bloom is a family man who loves his wife, Nancy, and their three wonderful children, Julia, Michael, and Shira. The poems contained in Tales of King Arthur and His Knights were written over many months for Michael, who wanted to hear more about the King Arthur stories.

(2017, Paperback, 66 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review