Tales from My Youth

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Tales of My Youth

By: Richard L. Mauger, PhD


About the Book

Tales of My Youth is a collection of short stories from author Richard L. Mauger’s life. His tales of his youth revolve around the outdoors, turning geology and the environment into a career. His parents, sisters, and brothers-in-law are important components to his life story and to the tales within these pages. They showed him, how to enjoy life, have firm beliefs and principles, and to have respect and compassion for all.

Mauger’s insightful stories include a wide variety of topics such as history, humor, pets, geology, family, and personal hindsight after after over sixty years of life.


About the Author

Richard L. Mauger, PhD grew up in eastern Pennsylvania. He attended Franklin and Marshall College for his bachelor’s degree, California Institute of Technology for his master’s, and the University of Arizona for his PhD. His first teaching and research position was with the University of Utah from 1966-1969. He then took a position as a faculty member in the Department of Geological Sciences at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC. He retired in 2009 and he, his wife and their family have resided in Greenville ever since.


(2021, Paperback, 224 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review