Tale of a Devil

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Tale of a Devil

By: Jason Robles

About the Book

As a mercenary in the thriving port city of Cape Torgin, Baalzazel Khormyr stumbles onto a sentient artifact that leads him astray from a self-rewarding existence. The half-fiend is thrown into the middle of a long standing war between gods that forces him to confront his inescapable past. The artifact strikes a deal with Baal, offering great power in exchange for revenge against the evil forces of the god Malakan.

Tale of a Devil is a mature, medieval dark fantasy, a fast-paced action thriller that takes place among the five dominions of Vhoth. Read on as Baal’s malicious devil father watches from the Nine Hells, overseeing a scheme that originated more than three decades prior. As the tale unfolds, events threaten to shake the very foundation of the world.

Journey through the Hells and back to witness a devil lord’s bastard walk the path of light for the right (and wrong) reasons.

(2017, Paperback, 252 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review