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By: Brett Reetz


About the Book

A Door County (WI) native and washed-up Chicago Detective, Lloyd Jornt decided it might be best to return to the Peninsula to drink the remainder of his failed life away.

Unfortunately, a series of bizarre watery deaths interrupt Lloyd’s destructive binge when his step-brother, the Sheriff, enlists his help to stop the killings.

In Lloyd’s quest for answers, he meets a twelve-year-old Todd Grafton- a deaf boy who spends his evenings with his telescope studying the night sky over Green Bay. When, one night, Todd spots someone he thinks is a super hero, he decides that he wants to be a night swimmer, too.

Together, Lloyd and Todd discover that pristine Chamber’s Island may be the home to an ancient evil: the Swimming Man.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review