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Sun Kissed

By: Angela Joy


About the Book


Sun Kissed is a series of short tales designed around the people, animals, and reptiles of the Everglades

and the Gulf of Mexico. Written and illustrated with an eye for adult audiences with special needs, it’s

filled with fun rhythms and tones are sure to delight audiences of all ages!


About the Author


Angela Joy has always been fascinated with nature and beaches. She has coupled her love of those

beaches with her life experience raising a teenager with autism. She was determined to create her own

story and illustrations for an adult audience of those who have special needs, and fueled by that desire,

she worked until it was done. This special book takes place in the Florida Everglades and the Gulf of

Mexico, both places near and dear to Joy’s heart.

Joy was born in Portland, Maine. While in her early 30s, she moved to central Florida, where she

still resides today. She is a practiced cosmetologist, having been in the profession for over 20 years. Her

hobbies include bike riding, nature walks, kayaking, drawing, coloring, and photography; she also enjoys

traveling and listening to a wide variety of music. She also has a great love for reptiles.


(2022, eBook)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review