Story of Kicked Out Boss

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Story of Kicked Out Boss

By: Henry the Friend

About the Book

This is a true story of the author’s eighteen years working for an American corporation established in Central Europe. It shows how an individual’s private life is influenced by their professional life and how important it is to have common sense, integrity, friendship, and love in our daily lives in order to reach our true potential. Also it shows how egotistical decisions can be destructive both for the person making them as well as the people surrounding them.


About the Author


Henry was born in 1971 in Czechoslovakia, a Communist country that no longer exists. He finished high school for building engineer and earned an MBA in economics from an American University. Since he was a child, he like liked to play double base and base guitar non-professionally. But with twenty years of experience, has got to play in many countries around the world. Professionally, for the last twenty years he worked as top manager for financial institutions. He is married and has two sons (twenty-five and seventeen).  


(2019, paperback, 112 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review