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Stories from Off the Grid

by Linda Jordan

In 2017, Linda Jordan and her family traded manicured suburbs for raw land complete with bears, wild turkeys, and a driveway from the depths of hell itself. Living on raw land meant they immediately became their own engineers, electricians, and repairmen. A few years of off-grid life now under their belt, Jordan and her family offer this cautionary tale. Learn from their mistakes.

                                    Though it was almost a recipe for disaster, planting city folk in the foothills of a mountain range in rural America has made for a collection of incredible experiences. Fascinating, witty, and utterly original, Stories from Off the Grid is a must-read for any suburbanite who thinks they could survive in the wild.

About the Author:

Linda Jordan is a fifty-seven-year-old disabled veteran, wife, mother of four children, one grandchild and three cats. Jordan and her husband are amateur prospectors with big ideas of buying even MORE land and gold mining. They also want to grow and harvest truffles.

                                    Jordan has rediscovered writing and art after being too busy for that kind of nonsense for the past forty years. Now it's her passion.

                                    Jordan’s favorite writer is Jean Shepherd of A Christmas Story fame and she tries to emulate his style of humor. She has also recently discovered Hunter S. Thompson and has been told she’s somewhat eccentric like he was.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review