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by Herushia Maharaj

Herushia Maharaj wrote this memoir of lost love, Squeal, as a source of healing for a broken heart. When she takes a step back to determine what went wrong with this relationship, what she realizes comes as a complete shock.

She recognizes her obsession for a relationship with the object of her affection clouds her vision to identify the clear signals emitted by his non-response. His rejection to her advances is not performed with words, but rather the lack thereof, which shows the kindness of his nature and one of the reasons why she was so smitten.

After further reflection, she realizes it could not be love she felt, but rather the need to have him in her life whether that was his wish or not. If she truly loved him, she would have been more keenly aware of his feelings instead of her own desires.

However, she feels this catharsis is but one of the lasting gifts given to her and must be appreciated as one of lifes many lessons.

(2011, paperback, 82 pages)