Spiritual Encouragement for Success

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Spiritual Encouragement for Success
by Karen O. Hutchison Its because of Gods voice that I moved from a circular job to owning my own business. Because of His guidance, I know I am finally experiencing my divine destiny. Once I began to receive what God was trying to reveal to me through the Holy Spirit, my life came together. Thats when I began to connect His power with my faith. It was knowing deep inside that I was hearing from God that kept me going. At every difficult turn, God showed up and made a way. He didnt always appear when I thought He should have, but His timing was perfect. And its because of Gods perfect timing that I began to experience a place of peace and strength, and irrefutable confidence in the inner voice that was talking to me. And it is only obedient that I share the messages that helped me through. (2006, paperback, 98 pages)