Soylent Caravan

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Soylent Caravan

Comemos Caravanos

By: Paul Escudero

About the Book

As Immigrant caravans approach the U.S. border on Mexican Hiway 23, similar to America’s Extra-Terrestrial Hiway, becomes the COMEMOS CARAVANOS HIWAY where these migrants fall victim to strange Alien cannibalism customs. Personal stories of several migrant groups that come into contact with the aliens set the stage for the drama and the horror visited upon these simple people trekking north for a better life. Mexico’s PFM and America’s CIA and FBI are brought into investigate these abductions and discover the grim reality of advanced aliens preying on such helpless individuals.


About the Author

Paul D. Escudero can be found at the beach in San Diego enjoying the weather, animals, and observing people enjoying their time and having conversations with the regulars. With a background in technology, Escudero extrapolates future disclosures that manifest scenarios he writes to convey some notion of how future events may occur. Escudero is also the author of UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE, BLACK RAVIK, SANCTUARY CITY, 51 REASONS TO ASK 51 QUESTIONS, and SASHA ANDROMEDA.


(2019, Paperback, 408 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review