Son of Prince Edward County - eBook

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Son of Prince Edward County

By: Twitty J. Styles PhD

About the Book

Son of Prince Edward County is a magnificent inspiration to those of any age and of any race. This book is an example of overcoming boundaries and working hard for what you want and believe in. The story of Twitty J. Styles is his firsthand experience with the strike that took place in Prince Edward County and Farmville, Virginia. He shares the hardships that he experienced in grade school, the military, and college. Although this book is a collection of Styles’s struggles, it also shows the glory of the people and students that he has affected over the years.


About the Author

Twitty J. Styles, Ph.D. is an author who enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and colleagues from all over the world. Styles also enjoys golf, traveling, museums, and reading.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review