Somewhere on the Dark Side of the ID - eBook

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Somewhere on the Dark Side of the ID
by V. Miles Capiston

Joanna was strong, independent, beautiful, and successful. Most men were intimidated by her success or drawn only to her curvaceous figure, while most women were envious of her. So several sightings of a mysterious, handsome man who didn’t seem either intimidated or captivated by her body piqued her interest. She soon found herself craving his attention and longing to know more about him.

What Joanna didn’t realize is that Robb Michael knew exactly who she was and how she could change his life.

After an erotic encounter and an unusual proposal, Joanna finds herself falling headfirst in love and into the cryptic, secretive world of Robb Michael. What Joanna doesn’t know is that Robb Michael’s plans will take her places she never thought possible and challenge the concepts of social norms and moral codes.

Will Joanna ultimately love or hate the man Robb Michael is once she discovers his hidden motives?

About the Author:

V. Miles Capiston resides in Milwaukie, Oregon. Since retiring from his career as a crane operator, he has been able to explore his passion for writing.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review