So I See You Don't Paint Houses - eBook

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So I See You Don't Paint Houses

By: Jeramy Berthiaume


About the Book

The first book ever published about Richard Gaikowski’s metamorphosis into the Zodiac Killer. His rise as a member of New York’s Knickerbocker News and San Francisco’s Good Times coupled with his descent into mental illness, illicit drug use, and lifelong feelings of envy and need for self-affirmation help us as a society begin to comprehend this story.

            See how Dick Gaik’s life correlated to the canonical crimes of America’s most wanted, unknown murderer. “I think that’s just all water under the bridge,” Richard Gaikowski, to a friend, while being recorded over the phone. Not by the police. By his friend. Gaik was a Pisces from Watertown and I promise you that coincidence has nothing to do with the big picture.

            Remember I told you these 2 things when you are done reading this book: 1) Yes, I felt the exact same way the moment I knew, and 2) The Ass Carrying an Image, the name of a real Aesop Fable, ends where the Ass is not rewarded. No, the contrary.


About the Author

Jeramy Berthiaume has studied the case of the Zodiac Killer extensively for years, can carry on a detailed conversation about every suspect ever considered in the case, and would like you to go into this book saying “NO! No, it cannot be Richard Gaikowski.”


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review