Smoke: Three Years in Time

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by J. Hunt To be happy in this life you have to winsometimes at any cost. Mary, Jerry, Lee, Alice, and Judy are looking to win by falling in love and living happily ever afterno matter what. From each of their perspectives the motive is innocent; however the consequences of their schemes are anything but pure. Jerry ignites a web of passion by passing over Alice for a one-night stand with Mary. Jerry and Mary unintentionally fall in love, while Marys lesbian ex-lover does everything in her power to keep them apart! Even best friends cant be trusted in this game of love, where everyone has a hidden agenda, and finding that special flame means first getting past all the Smoke. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J. Hunt is a native New Yorker. The author has two children: a son and a daughter. J. Hunt has alwys had an interest in the arts as well as sports. However, the author is most interested in the true nature and rationale of real people, real characters trying to make real decisions. This is what his books are about. (2004, paperback, 56 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review