Smarter and Healthier: Educational Information for Becoming a Fine Chef

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Smarter and Healthier; Educational Information for Becoming a Fine Chef
by Chef Patrick J. Gorey

In Smarter and Healther, celebrated chef Patrick J. Gorey walks readers through his tested tricks and tips for safely preparing foods ranging from caviar to wedding cakes. This reference will teach the young chef (and remind expert chefs) how to store their various truffles and properly prepare buttery pastries. Providing all the starter knowledge anyone might need to enter the culinary arts, Smarter and Healthier emphasizes sanitary practices and explains various killer bacteria that could thrive in an unhygienic kitchen.

About the Author:

Chef Patrick J. Gorey was born and classically trained in Europe. He has worked as executive chef in 5-star hotels throughout Europe and the United States and is proficient in preparing foods ranging from hors d'ouvre to gingerbread houses to seafoods. He currently works as an independent culinary consultant.

(2014, Hardbound, 162 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review