Skinner's Cay

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Skinner's Cay

Skinner’s Cay

By: Ann Orsini

About the Book

Asterid comes to Skinner’s Cay, a luxurious private island, looking for a vacation and a new start in life. She never expected to meet the love of her life and the adventures that their affair brings. Her story shows that there is hope for anyone looking for love and that often it comes when you least expect it. There is someone out there for everyone and in Asterid’s case, she finds it in the most exciting manner.


About the Author


Ann Orsini is a wife and mother of thirty-year-old twins. She has been a professional Radiologic Technologist for twenty-eight years. She studied philosophy, psychology, and sociology at Providence College and has always been a fan of Skinner, Camus, Sartre, Kierkegard, and Thoreau. Though their ways of viewing the world, the people in it, and their other beliefs and practices may have sometimes seemed unconventional, their thoughts have carried over to the present day. Whether we live our lives similar to them or the total opposite, we must still try to live as we see best.


(2019, hardback, 138 pages)


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