Sing Sing State Prison: One Day, One Lifetime

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by Al Bermudez Pereira Sing Sing State Prison: One Day, One Lifetime, written by Al Bermudez Pereira, describes the authors firsthand account of growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, as a young Latino man. This book details his career as a corrections officer at Sing Sing State Prison. Bermudez Pereira informs the readers, in a way that only a person who has experienced prison life can, about the inner workings of the prison system and gives insight into our justice system. He explains the great amounts of corruption within Sing Sing and offers explanations to this corruption as well as possible solutions. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Al Bermudez Pereira, born in Brooklyn, New York, currently resides in Florida with his wife, Lydia, and their two children. He worked as a corrections officer for many years within Sing Sing State Prison and learned many valuable lessons during his career. Al Bermudez Pereira decided to write this book at the urgings of his mother some fifteen years ago. In addition to writing he enjoys carpentry, automobiles, and music. (2006, paperback, 106 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review