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By: Shalonda Crockett


About the Book

Take a peek inside her world and you may become a little jealous! Who wouldn’t with a life such as Simone Anah Green’s? A one-of-a-kind ebony beauty with a gripping but astonishing military career as a Navy Corpsman behind her and a vivid career as a dental hygienist in front of her. A great life of family and friends with a deliciously sexy fiancé, all acquired at the age of 29, Simone seems to have a charmingly clichéd life. But keeping her head above all the drama that comes with her success proves trying. Her fiancé, Michael, has secrets of his own, and his best friend has developed a dangerous obsession with Simone. Will Simone drown, or will she swim? Will she and her fiancé make it down the aisle? A wild roller coaster of sex and love, scandal and betrayal, secrets and connections, Simone is a breathless explorations of the relationships that threaten to destroy us—and the ones that ultimately save us.


About the Author

Shalonda Crockett currently resides in New Orleans. She traveled extensively as part of her seven-year career in the US Navy, in addition to a childhood of moving city to city as the daughter of a soldier in the Army and Marines. She enjoys visiting art and historic museums, dining out, playing video games, and getting lost in great music. Recently, she’s been trying her hand at flamenco guitar. She has one son, James, who is the light of her life.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review