SICK: a true story - eBook

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By: Anna Gattone Kamide


About the Book

SICK is a true, cautionary tale. Author Anna Gattone Kamide tells her story of the medical traumas she endured as a result of a botched hysterectomy. Kamide shares her difficult journey with the world through moments of fear, exhaustion, and glimmers of humor and hope. She hopes her story will encourage others to advocate for their own health and serve as a warning should anyone else find themselves in a similar situation.


About the Author

Anna Gattone Kamide is the proud wife of Daniel and grateful mother to two amazing boys. She now enjoys her time with her sons, daughters-in-law, and five beautiful grandchildren, Jordan, Aliyah, Alinah, Arianna, and Amira. As a new author, she is currently working on additional books.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review