She Didn't Even Die Right Away - eBook

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She Didn't Even Die Right Away

by Greta Peterson

Greta didn’t die right away, but she did die.

One day she fell over dead and no one noticed. Not even Greta. There’s seven suspect years begging the question, when did Greta die? When she turned left instead of right after dropping a friend off at soccer practice? Did she die when he kissed her goodnight?

Was she killed or did she take her own life?

When? Where? How? Why? Trauma left Greta with a lifetime of puzzle pieces that no longer fit together. It left her with the fatal question: when did I die?

About the Author

Greta Peterson is an English Special Education teacher working in rural Missouri. She’s known for her eccentric personality and the weird pronunciation of “Onion”. Usually a private person, she felt a need to share her story about life, death, and tragedy.  Life may be nothing but a brief candle, but everything means something to somebody.

(2022, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review