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Shadows of Deceit

By: Zeteri M. Hodges

About the Book

Tera Hexen is asked to transfer to a school in a country she has never heard of: The Farganon Institute in Roress, Savoria. Traveling with her best friend Amethyst, they arrive with hope of a smooth school year. However, Tera’s hopes are quickly dashed by a mysterious and brooding Instructor, Seven Stone. Events from the school’s dark and tragic history start to brutally repeat themselves. However, the more Tera and Seven work together, the more they realize there is more to the other than meets the eye. Petty differences must be put aside and relationships built to win a battle they never wanted to repeat. Fall in love with the characters, humor, and thrills in this crazy supernatural romance.


About the Author

Zeteri M. Hodges has always had a love for writing and things out of the ordinary. Ghost hunting, paranormal, and cryptozoological research are her hobbies. Having attended the University of South Alabama for Theater and History, she later sought to pursue dreams of play and screenwriting in San Diego, California, where she resided for ten years.


                Zeteri currently lives in Mobile, Alabama, with her two sons. She continues to write and help out with various causes in her community.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review