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The name A. Pisk is not the author’s name. A pisk means “a mouth.” The author has chosen to keep her identity private because she is a 79-year-old grandmother and doesn’t want the frank language she uses to be associated with NANNY. She certainly stands behind all the ideas she expresses.


                As a retired elementary school teacher, whose favorite subject is philosophy, the author’s goal is to clarify and get to the essence of a subject. She feels the world we share is filled with lots of information and misinformation, but often lacks wisdom. There is so much confusion and conflict, and she believes things can be simplified and made less stressful. Her intent is to help people find peace and happiness by showing the variety of human behavior and advocate for the tolerance and respect that we should show each other. So much needless pain is caused by ignorance and prejudice. We certainly have to fight what is wrong and harmful, but we should be able to recognize what is just different from our choices.


                The author is also an artist who loves to bring beauty to others by her exploration of color, form, and texture. She experiments with many styles in her effort to create joyful images. This senior citizen has been painting and writing for more than 50 years and has written over a hundred poems and essays. She hopes to publish an anthology of her poems, combined with original art, sometime soon. Her writing is on a wide variety of topics and emerged as different events and issues pushed her buttons and necessitated a response. The current epidemic of sexual misconduct in the news led to the poetic analysis in this collection. She hopes you enjoy her rhyming and reasoning on the topic of sexual behavior.


                The author has been married for 54 years and lives with her husband on Long Island and in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review