Sent to Watch - eBook

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Sent to Watch - eBook

Sent to Watch

By: David J. Lebenstein


About the Book

“Sent to watch, but not to affect”—such is the Noninterference Protocol that binds

all of the agents in the Interplanetary Intelligence Service whose mission is to infiltrate

leading nations on primitive planets to help the Confederation of Civilized Planets

determine when a world is ready to be formally contacted and offered membership

in the Confederation.


Unni Vlaytork and her two fellow agents, Ori Svavapass and Urelt Sraymlat, are assigned to a faction on “Earth 48” known as the British Empire during the Regency of Prince George. They find themselves at odds with their agency’s Noninterference Protocol when a cruel and aggressive starfaring empire is discovered in another part of the galaxy.

The agents conceive a plan to accelerate the technical development of the planet, hoping to have Earth 48 admitted to the Confederation before the invaders arrive. Two of the agents are to marry, have a son, and groom him to be a future prime minister who would carry out the necessary reforms. The success of the plan hinges on hiding this apparent violation of the Noninterference Protocol from an inflexible superior officer.

But there is another complication: both Ori and Urelt are in love with Unni.


About the Author

David J. Lebenstein grew up on Long Island. He is a geoscientist and has worked in the petroleum industry and in environmental remediation. Since his youth, Lebenstein has had an interest in history and in planetary science. He is an amateur musician and composer. Lebenstein has been married for over thirty-five years and is a father and a grandfather.


(2021, eBook)