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Seeds of Bliss

By: J. Andrew Rice


About the Book

Seeds of Bliss is about the East Texas town of Lyric, its triumphs and its struggles, and the people who are an integral part of it. The novel focuses on a hometown man, Scott Mitchum, and his daily goal to live out his faith in God, how he translates it into practical actions which he inoculates into his relationships and his will to survive and thrive. The story includes other characters who are positively influenced by Scott, and those who wish him harm primarily because they don’t like him. The setting and plot are filled with the environment, the culture, the humor, and the danger of East Texas.

About the Author

J. Andrew Rice was the founder of Public Management, Inc. and was its CEO for thirty-three years. He also has other business interests. He has a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and a master’s degree from the University of Houston at Clear Lake City. He serves as a deacon of Rural Shade Baptist Church and was its Minster of Music for thirty years.

He has four children, four grandchildren, and lives in Tarkington, Texas, with his wife. His hobbies include music, reading and farming.


(2023, eBook)


This is a diverse novel, set in a small East Texas town. There is mystery, marital trouble, tragedy, love, laughter and friendship, all the elements of a great book.

The people are all very different, yet they blend beautifully. You can really believe that they are real people that you may know. But mainly it’s about friendships, integrity, and love.

Most importantly, they get the bad guys in the end, and you feel good about the ending…a nice thing!

Seeds of Bliss is a roller coaster ride and a great read. I hope this author gives us more!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review